Last updated 11/4/09

This is the official privacy policy for the Caller ID Reader™ and Caller ID Reader™ Pro Mobile Applications. Caller ID Reader™ is owned and operated by iSpeech® Incorporated. We keep a no-nonsense policy, so you can actually understand it.

iSpeech® never stores any personally identifiable information on any user other than the following which is kept on our secure network: Your email address or mobile number, your unique phone ID, and your first and last name.

We do not read or save to hard disk any text messages (SMS) or emails or audio created from them.

We never share any user account information outside of iSpeech® for any reason. We never sell your information.

We do collect non-personal, statistical information to improve the service. This information may include the total number of text messages, emails or hits on our website.

We do not consider the Unique ID of your mobile device, or sending this information to other partners or affiliates to be revealing any personal information. We also reserve the right to send confirmation and/or activation information to and from your phone via SMS and/or email upon installation for our security and other measures.

We do not retain credit card information or bank account information. All personal/payment information is held by our payment partners, PayPal and Network Merchants on their secure networks.

We reserve the right to change/update our privacy policy at any time without notice.

If you have any questions about our policy, please contact us.